Published Letters to the Editor for Sara Pocklington for Lake Oswego School Board

I've stated before that problem-solving begins with facts; too often, we are swayed by irrelevant details or a need to defend decisions made in the past. Leadership means looking at problems anew and considering the facts at hand as they are today.

That's where Sara's background as a finance leader and former auditor will be perfectly combined with her collaborative approach to decision-making. When solving problems, she will not only bring her own business experience to bear and ensure that all the relevant data has been analyzed to support various options, but she'll also seek out community input and work for solutions with integrity and dedication.

Sara Pocklington is the right kind of leader for our school board today. She's a parent, a school leader, a businesswoman and a creative problem-solver to lead our district into the next decade and beyond.

Councilor Theresa M. Kohlhoff, Lake Oswego

As taxpayers, our community could be thought of as shareholders in our educational system. And yet, without an undue amount of effort and inquiry, I believe many of us would find it difficult to quantify our own investment in our local schools or how well that investment is being managed.

As parents, our children are directly impacted by the financial management and oversight of our tax dollars. Poor management of previous facilities bonds has meant that many of our district's students are going to school in subpar classrooms. And while the district has put full-time project management in place, I will sleep better knowing that our board has a CPA with experience asking tough questions.

As a partner for one of the largest accounting firms in the world, I believe that our schools deserve the same level of financial rigor and oversight as any other multimillion-dollar enterprise. As a CPA at a Fortune 100 company, Sara Pocklington will bring this much-needed skill set to our School Board.

Please join me in voting for Sara Pocklington on May 16. Whether or not the bond measure passes, our students and community will benefit from her experience.

Don Riggs, Lake Oswego

Our family is behind Sara Pocklington for School Board. She's a fresh, experienced voice who will innovate and collaborate in a data-driven and level-headed way.

She's a CPA at Nike, working as an accounting director for the technology group there. She lives on the north side, but has kids at a south-side school. This places her in a great position to conquer the divide we all know is there! We need new ideas and a new perspective, not more of the same.

Use your vote to make meaningful change. Vote for Sara Pocklington.

Elizabeth Pollock, Lake Oswego

I'm a longtime resident of Lake Oswego and a parent who put two boys through our school system (Hallinan, Waluga, Lakeridge). Although my kids have graduated, I am still an active volunteer as the costumer for the Lakeridge High drama program. I'm voting for Sara Pocklington for School Board.

Sara will bring a needed and otherwise unrepresented perspective to our School Board. She's a young woman working in technology accounting for an international business, Nike. She's lived in communities around the world. She's a parent and partner in a combined family with young children still in our schools. In person, Sara is competent, engaging and articulate. In fact, she is typical of an active LOSD parent volunteer.

Hers is the voice that our School Board lacks — a young mother with daily contact with elementary students and their parents, and one with the skills and commitment to explain, interpret and set policy based on it.

Join me in voting for Sara Pocklington on May 16 and bring that voice to the Lake Oswego School Board.

Cay Borduin, Lake Oswego

Sara Pocklington is the right choice for Lake Oswego School Board.

Like many in the community, we chose Lake Oswego for the education system. We are here because, year after year, the schools are nationally ranked and we wanted our children to receive the benefits of a strong educational foundation.

A community's history is important, and the legacy of Lake Oswego's schools is legendary. But to continue moving Lake Oswego schools forward, we need School Board members with forward-thinking ideas and the stewardship to guide projects from start to finish with transparency. We need School Board members who are committed to our schools and the educational programs our schools are providing to students.

We believe Sara Pocklington is the right choice for School Board because she, too, has young children in our community and is invested in the same things we are — our children's future.

Stacie Fleck, Lake Oswego

Sara Pocklington is receiving my vote for School Board because of her understanding of — and commitment to — diversity and equity.

This community has experienced too many incidents of racism and intolerance, and we require leaders who not only understand the importance of creating an inclusive culture within our schools, but who are also willing to take the hard steps necessary to get there.

Sara's professional and personal experience living overseas and working at a global company make her the right choice at this time in our district. Our community is wrestling with why these incidents are occurring and searching for solutions. I believe Sara can lead our School Board toward proactive and measurable action steps that will help shape a culture committed to respect and equity.

Her leadership will support our efforts as parents and community members in shaping our children's paths towards successful global citizenship. Vote for Sara Pocklington.

Ann Mestrovich, Lake Oswego

The first reason I am voting for Sara Pocklington is simple: I enjoy working with her as a fellow parent at River Grove Elementary. Even when we disagree, I know her to be a thorough and logical thinker on tough issues.

Then, the other reasons tumble thereafter: Her experience working as a CPA for companies with expansive budgets and needs; her personal and professional support of STEAM; her understanding that all of our district's programs in the arts, academics and athletics provide ways for our community to connect and become even stronger.

I am also voting for Sara because she will personally feel both the short-term and long-term effects of the board's decisions. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, my vote for Sara is to ensure that a diverse set of experiences is represented on our School Board. A board with diverse experiences will shape an equitable future for all our students.

Jenna Philpott, Lake Oswego

Sara Pocklington is our choice for the Lake Oswego School Board, simply because our precious school system is at many crossroads right now and we need someone who is ready to bring the change that's needed to ensure its continued success.

Sara is a progressive thinker who wants to push for the absolute best for our children and our community. She supports technology, innovation and preparing our children for the evolving workplace in the 21st century. She is completely vested in LO schools because she currently has multiple children in the system.

As parents of two elementary students, this is extremely important to us. Not only is Sara in touch with the day-to-day concerns and issues from a parent perspective, but she is also aware of and embraces the long-term strategies that will be best for the future of Lake Oswego students and residents.

Sara has the passion, desire and work ethic to bring innovative change, and as a CPA at Deloitte and Nike for the past 12 years, she also possesses the financial background and corporate experience to help the district make wise investment decisions for years to come.

It is time we gain a fresh perspective, challenge the status quo and embrace the change that is vital to keep Lake Oswego schools moving forward.

Kim and Chris Rigney, Lake Oswego

It is with great conviction that I am writing today to endorse Sara Pocklington for Lake Oswego School Board Position 3. Sara is a qualified candidate who brings a great deal of enthusiasm to the position, as she cares deeply for Lake Oswego schools. She recognizes how they play a formative role in the lives of our children and are a cornerstone of a strong and thriving community.

Sara is an effective, intelligent leader with well-developed financial skills. She has a tireless work ethic and understands the power of effective teamwork. She has the skill sets our School Board requires to effectively allocate financial resources in such a way that balances the need to continually invest in teachers and classroom experiences today with capital infrastructure investments that will improve our schools for years to come.

Sara's professional background and passion for progress make her the candidate we need for a School Board that will lead our community forward in creating the schools we need for our children today and for years to come!

Kathy Strege, Lake Oswego

Our School Board deserves the absolute best to represent our community, and I believe that person is Sara Pocklington. Sara will represent the whole district and all our students. She has innovative ideas and cares about making them happen.

My wife and I grew up in Pennsylvania and come from school districts with 97 percent-or-higher high school graduation rates. Sara comes from a district that had 100 percent graduation rates and is widely applauded for being one of the top in the country. She will bring some of those best practices to our district.

Lake Oswego will continue to receive accolades if we have the right people on our board, representing us all. Sara is the right person to join the Lake Oswego School Board.

Please join me this May in voting for Sara. Your vote is an investment in the incredible future of the Lake Oswego schools.

Patrick Lacey, Lake Oswego

As a new parent to the Lake Oswego School District and the public school system, it can be easy to assume that in our terrific school system, all of the work is done. In fact, we cannot stop working, innovating and changing what our district provides for children.

I believe our schools can do even better than they are doing now. Our children deserve innovative thinking that will not just sustain their success but prepare them for a unique workforce.

Sara Pocklington has the exact skill set needed to push our school system forward.

Working at Nike in technology accounting, Sara not only has the strong business and financial acumen we need, but she specifically understands the evolving needs of our youth to receive a strong technological foundation. Her successful implementation of coding at the elementary level is just one example of how Sara can be an asset to the School Board.

Danielle Massari, Lake Oswego

I'm proud to support Sara Pocklington for Lake Oswego School Board as a creative problem-solver and someone who will make decisions based on that most elusive — but most valuable — of resources: facts.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting in which both candidates for Lake Oswego School Board Position 3 were speaking. It was a great use of time, and if you haven't had a chance to hear them speak, you should. I went into that meeting unsure who to support and came out of that meeting with 100 percent support for Sara Pocklington.

I believe, based on what I heard at the meeting and what I've read, that Sara is the right candidate to lead our schools forward. She talked about the need for continuous improvement. Our schools are good now, but they can be incredible.

Sara has a passion and desire that is unmatched. That passion, coupled with her financial expertise, is the icing on the cake. She explained that at Nike, she manages and oversees financials for technology. She inherently knows how to look after a budget, question what needs to be questioned and make the right decisions. I want Sara looking after our bond.

Please join me and vote for Sara Pocklington for Lake Oswego School Board.

Hildur Solvadottir, Lake Oswego

We are enthusiastically voting for Sara Pocklington for the Lake Oswego School Board. We want the best for our schools, and Sara will be the one to make it happen.

We are voting to bring some life and energy to a stagnant board. If real change is going to happen, the paradigm must shift and assumptions about how things should be done must be challenged. Our facilities are dilapidated and embarrassing. The board that allowed this to happen to our schools and facilities should not and cannot be the same board that manages the bond. As citizens, we expect better and must speak up to demand better. This election is our chance, and Sara is the voice we need on the board.

Sara is the choice for innovative thinking and critical analysis. Sara is the voice of the whole district. Moreover, she is uniquely suited to bring sound financial expertise and accounting acumen to better our district, especially when the bond passes. Sara Pocklington is our choice.

Vote for Sara and demand a brighter future for our schools and facilities.

Brian and Stefanie Fogarty, Lake Oswego

Whether you have children in our school district or not, the School Board election on May 16 is one that should be taken seriously, as it affects us all.

Sara Pocklington is the ideal candidate. Not only does she have strong financial acumen having been a CPA for 15 years, but she brings a fresh, innovative perspective that is needed.

While I am grateful to each board member for their time and dedication, it is essential that our board represent our entire community. Currently, several board members no longer have children in school. Sara does.

She is an advocate for giving all children the opportunity to shine in academics, athletics and the arts. She has been instrumental in successfully initiating coding classes — just one example of how fresh thinking is needed to prepare our children for a changing workforce.

It has been said that good is the enemy of great. We know our schools are good. Yet if we want nothing but the very best for our kids, we can't be complacent. Striving for excellence is what this community is about and the exact message we should be sending our children with our vote for Sara.

Brenda Burdette, Lake Oswego

In the upcoming School Board election, my vote will be for Sara Pocklington. Sara represents the untapped potential to bring fresh ideas to our district.

There is no disputing that this district is in desperate need of change, fresh ideas and perspective to make much-needed improvements. Our district can find its way back to being the best in the state!

We are thrilled that Sara will bring a financial expertise that will be critical in the coming years as we embark on a bond to improve our facilities. Her years of accounting background and as a CPA for Nike undoubtedly will be of great benefit to our district.

In addition, Sara has kids in the schools today. Having that perspective is incredibly valuable. She has a pulse on what is happening day to day in our schools. Having learned that most of the board today doesn't have kids in the school was a little surprising. We need that important perspective.

Please join me in voting for Sara this May!

Susan Stohl, Lake Oswego

Our community has the opportunity to elect new School Board members on May 16 and I am 100 percent behind Sara Pocklington. I have lived in this city for years and have seen goodness out of our School Board. But I think that there is an opportunity for greatness, and Sara Pocklington is the agent to bring that change.

I am personally excited about the fact she has kids in the district, and young ones at that. As a parent of high school and college kids, I no longer have the perspective of someone who has young children. Sara offers a diverse point of view from the other board members. That is necessary.

Progress is impossible without change. Please join me in voting for Sara!

Michelle Holman, Lake Oswego

Sara Pocklington is our choice for the Lake Oswego School Board.

On May 16, we all have the opportunity to elect School Board members who will service our schools and our community for the coming years. This year, the election is setting up who will manage a critically important bond. And we can't think of a better option than having a CPA and accounting director from Nike on the case. Sara has years of accounting background. She has that critical eye that is needed now more than ever. We want Sara on the job.

Further, Sara is already implementing programs that should have been in place years ago. She personally helped with the adoption of coding classes at one of our elementary schools. Our district needs that kind of thinking. We need those fresh ideas and ability to execute to greatness.

Our district needs Sara Pocklington.

Tracy Mackie, Lake Oswego

Sara Pocklington is our future for the Lake Oswego School District.

As a special education teacher in Lake Oswego for 27 years, I have appreciated on a firsthand basis those board members who took an active role to listen and act on concerns of professionals who teach our children, as well as those of parents and students.

Sara is a person who I know will be that kind of board member. Even more importantly, her children currently attend our schools, giving her an even more vested interest in the future of our district. Her CPA expertise gives her an advantage for overseeing our financial future. We are lucky to have such a financial expert during these times.

While teaching at River Grove, Lake Grove and Hallinan, I valued board members who took the time to visit our schools, participate in our curriculum, empathize with our challenges, question the status quo and pursue parity within the district. I know Sara is the better choice. She is energetic, vigorous and passionate. I am confident she will work with Superintendent Heather Beck and other board members actively and help take our district into the future.

Our children deserve her fresh outlook. I hope you will join me in supporting Sara.

Margaret Zuercher, Lake Oswego

In Lake Oswego, we have many talented and smart people who are willing to give their time and talent to volunteer leadership positions such as our School Board. One of the things I love most about Lake Oswego is that we give and then, at the appropriate time, move on to allow others to step in with their ideas and perspectives. This is the Lake Oswego way. We value diversity and a variety of input and opinions.

I truly thank John Wendland for his service on the board for the past eight years. But now it's time for a fresh voice. What the bond will do for our schools, Sara Pocklington will do for the School Board. She will give the board a facelift, an infusion of new ideas and perspective by calling upon her wealth of financial experience and deep love of education.

Some of Sara's strengths include financial management at Nike and as a CPA; commitment to technology and coding classes at all schools; and she would be the only member of the School Bard with elementary-age children — a huge constituency in our district.

Join me in voting for Sara. We need her expertise as a school parent on our board.

Becky Owens, Lake Oswego

Whether or not the $187 million school bond passes, we need our School Board to skeptically, strategically and carefully oversee the bond, state funding and foundation budgets. Sara Pocklington is the most financially qualified candidate for the board.

Sara is a CPA and former auditor at Deloitte. She was hired by Nike in 2005 as an accountant and now is director of technology accounting at Nike, where she sets policy, process and internal controls at a Fortune 100 company. She knows what questions to ask and what systems and processes need to be set up to monitor spending.

We need Sara's expertise at this critical junction, where the district will either not have enough funding (if the bond doesn't pass) or will need to carefully oversee the bond.

Sara's in this race for the right reasons and for the long haul:

  • Her children are in elementary school. She'd be the only board member with children in elementary school. Our six elementary schools represent 50 percent of our school population. Don't we want someone on the board with a pulse on their needs?
  • She's inspired to volunteer by her mom, who worked in the Albany school district as a public health advocate.
  • She's committed to continuous improvement to make sure that Lake Oswego offers best-in-the-country education to our students.

I've volunteered on the School Advisory Committee at Hallinan, Waluga and LHS. I've seen firsthand the importance of School Board members who ask the hard questions, benchmark with other districts to identify best practices, harness the wisdom in the community and initiate innovation for fiscally responsible programs that keep both our district strong and our property values high.

Let's elect Sara Pocklington to the Lake Oswego School Board!

Derrith Lambka, Lake Oswego

I have twin granddaughters who will be entering kindergarten this fall in the Lake Oswego School District. You bet I support and endorse Sara Pocklington for the School Board!

Sara offers two distinct advantages. First, she has her own children currently attending elementary school within the district. She is involved on a day-to-day basis with the challenges and opportunities our teachers and their students face. As a result, she has insight and relevance.

Equally importantly, Sara is a professional certified public accountant (CPA) working as a finance director at Nike. She has the expertise and the financial tools to help manage the business of our district, particularly the proposed construction and renovation. I know the school district has had difficulty in managing its past bond issues and construction projects. Sara will make a critical difference; with her credentialed accounting expertise honed by Nike financial discipline, she will help make the district accountable for our funds as well as the management of its construction, renovation and scheduled maintenance programs.

My granddaughters deserve Sara Pocklington for the School Board. Please help them out — they deserve the best!

Don Irving, Lake Oswego

We are writing to enthusiastically support Sara Pocklington for Position 3 on the Lake Oswego School Board.

As a university professor and a research engineer, we have a strong desire to see our two young children gain academic and life skills in school that propel them to succeed in future endeavors. Sara's strong focus on academics, arts and athletics will empower the district to equip our students to succeed in their higher education pursuits and achieve fulfilling career possibilities.

One of the primary duties of board members is to manage the school district's budget. This fiduciary function will be even more important if members of our community vote in favor of the much-needed school bond. Sara's background as a certified public accountant places her in a unique position on the board to responsibly manage the bond funds in addition to the school district budget.

As immigrants to the U.S. and recent transplants to Lake Oswego for its excellent schools, we are keen to see a high level of tolerance and acceptance of students from all different backgrounds. Sara, who has lived in several countries and works in a multicultural environment at Nike, brings a much-needed global and inclusive perspective to the School Board.

We believe Sara Pocklington is the right candidate to help steer the Lake Oswego School District to meet the challenges of the future.

Raechelle Mascarenhas and Raj Pai, Lake Oswego

Sara Pocklington has my vote for Lake Oswego School Board. Many people are talking about her incredible career and the financial expertise she will bring to the board. Having a CPA on the board will make a difference in how the bond (assuming it's passed) is managed. She's the most qualified for the job.

In addition to her amazing career, however, Sara is a lovely person. She listens. She engages in conversation. She learns about varying points of view. She smiles and laughs. Sara is genuinely a kind person who cares deeply about our whole district. She's committed. She will make the tough decisions that will bring our schools to the top in the state and even the country.

I grew up in Lake Oswego, going to Palisades, Westridge and Waluga and graduating from Lakeridge. Now my own two children are in the district, and I'm committed to doing what I can do make sure they get the best education possible.

Charles Kettering said, "The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." Our School Board and district are in dire need of change. Sara is the right choice to bring the progress we need.

Laurie Pottmeyer, Lake Oswego

At a time when our schools are facing massive infrastructure and budget challenges, Sara Pocklington is exactly the type of voice we need on the Lake Oswego School Board.

As a CPA with global business expertise, Sara will bring much needed financial acumen to the board. I can't help but wonder whether we would be in the financial straits we are now if the board had someone like Sara for the past few years. Looking forward, she will also bring a fresh perspective that is sorely needed.

Additionally, Sara has young children who attend LOSD schools, which ensures her decisions will be based on actual experience with what is happening in our schools today. Add in Sara's support for technology, innovation and her data-based decision-making, and you'll see she is exactly the person we need today — and for the future.

Peter Monk, Lake Oswego

Having lived in Lake Oswego for 15 years and having three kids in the school system, I'm quite familiar with the challenges we've faced with buildings, bad construction, school board politics, etc. This community needs new ideas and varied experiences.

Sara Pocklington brings new ideas from around the world. She challenges the status quo and she has valuable experience that we need to leave behind the vestiges of the old administration and build on the new and forward-thinking administration that we now have under Heather Beck. Vote for Sara Pocklington and keep new blood and new ideas flowing in our school board!

Phil Hyun, Lake Oswego

As globalization continues, it is more important than ever to strive for the best schools possible. Sara Pocklington has the unique background to help drive Lake Oswego forward in this direction.

She has her CPA license and work experience from Deloitte and Nike, which will help her in the governance of the school bond if it passes. The school bond is a crucial investment that she can help oversee and prioritize the competing needs for funds.

She is a local Oregonian who has lived abroad in both Asia and Europe (and elsewhere in the U.S.), which helps her provide fresh ideas and creative problem-solving.

Sara has children in the Lake Oswego School District, which gives her a firsthand look at what is going on and means she is vested in ensuring that LO schools are competitive and forward-thinking. She firmly believes in arts, academics and athletics for our children and understands that all of these activities provide creativity, discipline, perseverance and a great foundation for our children to go out and thrive in the world.

LOSD and Lake Oswego will fully benefit with Sara as one of their team, and I'm glad to endorse her for the School Board.

Mary Rudinsky, Lake Oswego

As a 15-year public school teacher and LOSD parent, I wholeheartedly support Sara Pocklington for our School Board. Sara would be a tremendous asset to our district.

Sara has been a CPA for 12 years and currently works at Nike in accounting. Her experience in finance provides

her with the unique ability to set up systems to carefully guide the financial oversight of the school bond. She can be entrusted with taxpayers' investment in the bond and its effective implementation. She would be the most qualified financial mind on the board.

Sara brings diversity to the board. Sara has children of her own in the district, whereas her opponent has grown children. If elected, Sara will be one of two women on a five-person board, and one of three members with children in the district.

Sara is open, kind and an excellent problem-solver. As a friend, Sara puts herself where help is needed. She has shown this side of her personality in her decision to serve on the board as well, stepping up to use her unique skills to help our board manage the bond well, thus benefiting our district, community and our children.

Christine Allen, Lake Oswego

I am writing in support of Sara Pocklington for the Lake Oswego School Board. I recently had the opportunity to visit with Sara and learn about her vision. The most important trait — and the deciding

factor for my support — was that she is eager and expects more. She challenges the status quo.

I feel it is extremely important that some of our board members, if not all of them, currently have students within the Lake Oswego School District. Sara is fully supportive not only of the schools that her children attend, but all schools within Lake Oswego. In speaking with Sara, it was clear that she felt it was just her time to step up. Her skill set is unique and would be such a win for our district in helping manage the bond well while continuing to innovate.

I hope the rest of Lake Oswego understands that we have a special opportunity in Sara. She has the skills and desire to make the right decisions for our children and schools.

She has my support 100 percent!

Marcy Larsson, Lake Oswego

Sara Pocklington is our choice for the School Board. Our chance to vote in this critical election happens in May, and we hope you'll join us in electing Sara!

Our reasons are many, but here are a few.

We believe in having a balanced School Board. Sara will be one of only two women on the board, and she will be the only parent of elementary school children. Her children attend River Grove‚ where she volunteers and gains a firsthand perspective that the community needs. This is critical, as the needs at the primary level are different, and occasionally overlooked.

Being an accounting director for Nike lends an immense amount of credibility to Sara. All this, in combination with her passion for innovation, technology and athletics, makes Sara our choice for the board. We hope you'll join us!

Irene and Jeff Harris, Lake Oswego

With mounting budgetary constraints, the task of offering academic, athletic and social options that prepare our children well for the future becomes more challenging each year. This coupled with the physical disrepair of many of the Lake Oswego schools has brought the Lake Oswego School District to a crossroads.

The proposed $187 million bond measure will be the largest investment ever made by the citizens of Lake Oswego. An investment of this magnitude requires strong financial oversight and a viable long-term maintenance plan to ensure that it is protected.

Sara Pocklington is a uniquely qualified candidate with a strong, vested interest in the future of the LOSD and the perspective to drive positive change. Sara has young children in the district who will be directly affected by the decisions that are made during her proposed tenure as a board member. Additionally, her financial background as a CPA and accounting director at Nike leave her well equipped to help optimize the value of the facilities bond proceeds.

The citizens of Lake Oswego deserve a progressive, forward-thinking candidate who is not willing to accept the status quo and will help prepare the LOSD for the future.

Mike Coyne, Lake Oswego

As residents of this community for more than 10 years, we have watched the School Board face some challenging decisions. School closures, financial challenges and the appointment of a new superintendent are just a few of the many actions that have taken place.

The public perception of the School Board is one of division. There is a resounding theme of "north" versus "south" that seems to drive the underlying decisions at the board level. This leads to a growing level of divisiveness in the community, which is not in the best interest of what matters most: our children and our schools.

A unique opportunity has been given to us in the form of a candidate for School Board: Sara Pocklington. Sara brings a young, energetic, non-biased perspective to her candidacy. With young children in our schools, Sara can relate to the challenges faced by parents, students and our teachers. This would be a huge asset to the School Board — a board which is in need of change and could benefit from what Sara will bring.  Her business and management experience should only further her attractiveness to the community.

With three children in our schools — spanning high school, middle school and elementary — we believe that this is the quality candidate that we need to assure our school district moves forward into the future with a fresh perspective, energy and passion. It is without reservation that we endorse Sara Pocklington for School Board.

Dr. Matt and Traci Daskalos, Lake Oswego

I am a proud supporter of Sara Pocklington for the Lake Oswego School Board.

While I am speaking as an individual, I also serve as the parent-club president at River Grove Elementary and I have had the opportunity to work alongside Sara as a volunteer. Sara stepped up to lead the annual food drive at our school, collecting for needy families, and has volunteered for the schools foundation and in the classroom.

Sara will be one of two women to be elected to the School Board, and the only representative (of five board members) with children in elementary school. This represents a personal commitment to improving the future of our community and schools.

Sara will advocate for arts, academics and athletics. She's for starting kids learning to code early at all our elementary schools. She's for foreign language. She's for effective use of technology in teaching. She's for preparing our kids

for college and jobs in a global economy. This our children's future and it is ever-evolving.

We need a variety of perspectives to serve all our schools in Lake Oswego, and Sara Pocklington has my vote!

Sheri Buck, Lake Oswego